“Until we bring love back, this world gonna be messed up.”

On the Road to DC: Birmingham, AL — We met George Rudolph, a Vietnam war veteran, at a Martin Luther King, Jr. Day celebration in Kelly Ingram Park in Birmingham, Alabama. The park is kitty […]

“This march has changed me.”

Road to DC: Washington, DC — I met Sarah on the Metro heading home after the Women’s March on Washington. I asked her what the march meant to her. Her answer traced her journey from anger […]

“People forget that the word ‘illegal’ is right in there in ‘illegal aliens’.”

Road to DC: Chapel Hill, North Carolina — As I pulled our car into the parking lot of our roadside hotel in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, a voice called out across the way. “You’re not coming […]

“It doesn’t become morning because of me!”

Road to to DC: Boulder, CO (1) For some reason we know a lot of people in Boulder, CO. Two of them are Corin and Chris, who invited several friends over for a lovely dinner and a […]

“Is Hillary in jail?”

Road to DC: New Orleans, LA On the way to New Orleans, we stop at a gas station. My son Will runs in to get me a cup of coffee while I sit in the car, windows […]